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The very beginning of Descente starts in 1935 in Japan with Ishimoto Shoten, a menswear retail store. After 1954, with Japan's first professional skier wearing the brand, Descente became a leader in men's skiwear. Fast forward to today, and Descente has become a globally recognized brand of an active lifestyle with apparel that fits the part. Descente Athletic believes in the freedom of movement, the catharsis of sweat, and the enduring beauty of simplicity. Driven for over 80 years by their strong Japanese heritage, they champion active lifestyles by designing apparel unrivaled in both craftsmanship and quality. By utilizing the most innovative of fabrics, designs, and techniques, Descente allows their garments to move freely and naturally, transforming movement into momentum. With men's and women's apparel available for anyone from professional athletes, to the person next to you at the gym, everyone can enjoy the transformative brand. With their coupon codes at hand, you can relish in your new active wear for even less. Free Shipping and returns on selected items is always available at Descente to make sure your satisfaction is guaranteed, no coupon code needed. The Descente affiliate program is available on the Rakuten network and is managed by Gen3 Marketing so you know you will have the very best available service at your fingertips. With readily available text links, banners, coupon codes and product catalog, affiliates will always have something to offer. Join this global phenomenon now and see what brand is inspiring those who wear them to move without restriction and embrace each and every day without inhibition.
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