Few Moda offers designer brands for the modern woman. You'll find apparel and accessories with distinctive details and the sophisticated sleek effortless style that defines ultra modern trend setting.
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Manager Name: Ginette Degner
Manager Email: fewmoda@snow-consulting.com
Supports Deeplinking: Yes
Program Description: Founded in 2014, Few Moda is based in New York City, offering two designers: Few Moda and MADISONNE.

Few Moda is a sophisticated sleek effortless contemporary style with distinctive details to provide the modern woman with a latest fashion for every aspect of her life. With accessories for the ultra modern trend setting women that wants to define her own style.

MADISONNE is a style that boast a sexy chic look. Good for every day wear but translates into a classy sexy for evening. With a slightly lower price point this new apparel line is sure to be a hit with your visitors!

Few Moda may be a newer site but they are a fast growing online retailer of women's clothing and accessories. They offer chic, high quality clothes with excellent designs from branded and emerging designers, which no one can match at our price point!
Welcome Message: Earn 10% commission on each purchase, 8% for coupon/loyalty sites.
Average AOV of $160
Quality product images
30-day cookie duration - get the credit you deserve
Datafeed with 300+ optimized products available in SAS, PopShops and Datafeedr
Deals available via the SAS Deals & Coupons Database, Coupilia, FMTC.
Monthly newsletter - stay informed of all the latest promotions
Dedicated, professional Partner Program Management by Snow Consulting

Strong Customer Service
Undeniable quality
Affordable prices
Gift Cards Available
90,000 unique visitors per month
Featured in high end magazines, Vogue.com. Also featured in Verge magazine, Stylecaster, Marie Claire, and Darling Magazine
Few Moda clothing has been worn to high end events/award shows - 2016 Winter TCAs and 22nd Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards.
Public Commission Rate: 10% on each purchase, 8% for coupon/loyalty sites.
Private Commission Rate Opportunities: N/A
Placement Bonuses: Send me your ideas!
Vanity Coupons: Yes
Ad Copy Restrictions: Yes
Display URL Restrictions: Yes
Competitors Allowed On Landing Page: Yes
PPC Bidding Allowed: Yes w/Restrictions
PPC Trademark Bidding Allowed: No
PPC Trademark + Bidding Allowed: No
PPC Policy Message: PPC POLICY

You are not allowed to bid on any trademark keywords such as, but not limited to, Few Moda, Few Moda.com, www.FewModa.com, Few Moda.com, or www.Few Moda.com. Any variations or misspellings are also prohibited.

You must add Few Moda and FewModa.com as negative keywords in any paid search campaigns

You are not allowed to use TM + keywords such as "Few Moda + keyword". You are not allowed to direct link. You are not allowed to use the Few Moda.com display URL. 

You are allowed to direct link on long tail keyword terms. You are allowed to use http://www.yoursite.com/Few Moda or http://Few Moda.yoursite.com as your display URL.
Email Marketing Allowed: Yes
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Social Media Marketing Allowed: Yes
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