Merchant Information
Preferred Merchant
FMTC ID Network (ID) Commission
24365 SAS (54029)3%
Program Information
Manager Name: Adam Dahlen
Manager Email:
Supports Deeplinking: Yes
Ad Copy Restrictions: Unknown
Display URL Restrictions: Unknown
Competitors Allowed On Landing Page: Unknown
PPC Bidding Allowed:
PPC Trademark Bidding Allowed: Unknown
PPC Trademark + Bidding Allowed: Unknown
PPC Policy Message:
Email Marketing Allowed: Unknown
Email Marketing Policy Message:
Social Media Marketing Allowed: Unknown
Social Media Policy Message:
Restrictions Due To Nexus: Yes
Does this merchant accept affiliates from these states with Nexus legislation?
Arkansas: Unknown
California: Unknown
Connecticut: Unknown
Georgia: Unknown
Illinois: Unknown
Kansas: Unknown
Louisiana: Unknown
Maine: Unknown
Michigan: Unknown
Minnesota: Unknown
Missouri: Unknown
Nevada: Unknown
New Jersey: Unknown
New York: Unknown
North Carolina: Unknown
Oklahoma: Unknown
Pennsylvania: Unknown
Rhode Island: Unknown
Tennessee: Unknown
Vermont: Unknown
Washington: Unknown
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